Fiona Llewellyn Counselling

Personal Approach to Counselling & Psychotherapy

I see therapy as a place where you can explore and discover things about yourself as well as look at any specific problems. As I am not part of your immediate circle, I can offer a different perspective.

How I work depends on you and your needs. This could include goal setting, dreamwork, artwork, visualisations, exploring new ways to view situations to find solutions and the past impacting on the present. I don't see therapy as something that always needs to be serious and focus on difficulties. I belive in using humour and also in looking at and celebrating what is working well in our lives.

My approach is to see myself as someone who can access a variety of ways of working depending on you and to go with you on a creative journey of discovery.

I don't believe that there is any one answer or way of being but the process of therapy is to enable individuals to reveal the true person they desire to be which is often hidden or not allowed to be through the experiences of life.

I see my role to assist you to become "who you truly are but are afraid to be or don't know what that might look like" and so allow the secret longing self within to emerge.

With counselling and psychotherapy, I feel that the most important thing is to be willing to look at yourself and in that process be challenged, make exciting discoveries, unearth and re-examine your life and to see where that might lead you.

Areas of Specialism

I have extensive experience in working with people who have experienced abusive relationships, abusive childhoods, looking at belonging/not belonging and helping people to find their own inner voice away from the "oughts, shoulds and musts" that can rule our lives. I am also knowledgeable in working with people who are struggling with their sexuality and their sexual identity.

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